Selection and Appointment of Coaches Policy

Version: 1.0

Committee Approval:


This document is intended to clarify the process for nominating, selecting and appointing coaches for Junior and Youth teams.


Appointment of coaches is the responsibility of Wembley Junior Football Club, and is to be executed by Coordinator – Coaches. It is not the case that teams (or parents of players in teams) are allowed to appoint coaches, although their preferences will be accounted for in the Club’s decision.

Coaching Staff:

Subject to finance and the availability of suitable candidates, it is intended that each team in Year 4 to Year 7 will be coached by a parent (or parents) of a player(s) in the team, or by another suitably qualified adult. It is similarly intended that each team in Year 8 to Year 12 will be jointly coached by a parent of a player in the team, and a current senior player from either the Wembley Amateur Football Club or the Claremont Football Club. The role of the parent is to ensure the provision of appropriate pastoral care and communication, and to assist and deputise for the senior player as appropriate. The role of the senior player is to lead all other duties typical of a coach. It is a joint responsibility of the two parties to define precisely the demarcation of duties between them.

Working With Children:

Coaches with children in the relevant team are exempt from Working with Children checks under the appropriate legislation. All other coaches are to complete the appropriate Working With Children check and licensing as soon as practicable after appointment. Coaches who fail to complete the check and licensing will be relieved of the role at the discretion of Coordinator – Coaches in conjunction with the Vice President.


Nominations for coaching roles can be made by

  1. Contacting Coordinator – Coaches directly in writing; or
  2. Indicating an interest in the role on the Player Registration form; or
  3. Acceding to an approach from Coordinator Coaches.


Where there is no more than one coach nominee per team, Coordinator – Coaches will make the appointment at his or her convenience. Where there is more than one nominee, and nominees indicate that they are unwilling to work as joint coaches, a selection sub-Committee will be formed comprising Vice President, Coordinator – Coaches, and one other Committee member.

a. Appointment of Coaches for Junior Teams

The sub-Committee will decide on the appointment by a majority vote, taking cognisance of:

  • Formal coaching qualifications and demonstrated expertise
  • Coaching history, particularly development of attitudes, skills, and structures amongst previous teams (noting that this does not always align with game results)
  • Documented plans for skill and personal development for individual players and teams
  • Demonstrated commitment

b. Appointment of Coaches for Youth Teams

The sub-Committee will decide on the appointment by a majority vote, taking cognisance of those factors at a. above, and also

  • Willingness to work in conjunction with a current senior player appointed as coach
  • Demonstrated ability to work productively with a current senior player appointed as coach
  • Commitment to a game style and structure consistent with modern senior football

Coordinator – Coaches will implement the decision of the sub-Committee.

If any member of the selection sub-Committee is unable to participate in the selection process by reason of a conflict of interest, then a replacement member shall be appointed by the President.

If the sub-Committee is unable to reach a majority decision, then the President shall make the decision.

Term of Appointment

Appointments will be made from season to season, and will be finalised by 1 March.