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General Queries

Can I become a Coach?

Can I register on the day?

Can my child play in the same team as a friend?

Can players play for other teams?

Do I need to wear a mouthguard?

How Long is the Season?

My daughter wants to play. Do you have an all girls team?

What age can kids play?

What days do the teams train?

What do I need to bring?

What do my fees include?

What do the teams wear?

What if I haven't played before. Can I still register?

What size football should I buy?

Where do we play?

Why are year 3s not part of Auskick?

Match Day Questions

How many players in a Team?

What does a goal umpire do?

What does a runner do?

What does the first aid person need to do?

What does the water carrier do?

What does a time keeper do?

What does a parent umpire mentor do?

I have been asked to bring oranges? What do I need to do.