Rules and Protocols Regarding Meetings of the Committee

Version: 1.0

Committee Approval:


This document is intended to clarify the rules and expectations for organising and running meetings of the Committee.

Meeting Arrangements

Meetings of the Committee will ordinarily be held on the first Tuesday of each calendar month in the clubrooms of the Wembley Junior Football Club, unless extraordinary circumstances demand otherwise (in which case the alternative arrangements shall be advised by way of issue of an Agenda).


In order of precedence, the meeting shall be chaired by: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, any other member of the Committee agreed by members present.


A quorum for decisions involving expenditure by the Club or regarding changes to Plan, policy, or structure shall comprise at least three of the Office Bearers, being the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Registrar. A quorum for any other decisions within the remit of the Committee shall comprise a majority of the Committee. If Committee recommends expenditure or changes to Plan, policy, or structure that would otherwise require a quorum of Office Bearers, then this quorum can be achieved by e-mail exchange under the auspices of the Secretary.

A meeting of the Committee may be held in the absence of a quorum of Office Bearers.

Agenda and Minutes

The Secretary shall issue a Meeting Agenda at least one week prior to the meeting date. A revised Agenda incorporating items of General Business can be issued at any time prior to the meeting. The Secretary shall issue Meeting Minutes within one week of the meeting date.

Meeting Protocols

To enable meetings to run efficiently and effectively, attendees should abide by the following protocols:

  • Items of General Business will be lodged with the Secretary in time to be incorporated in the Agenda.
  • Meetings should start on time.
  • Discussion and debate should be respectful, and should address the issue.
  • Absence from a meeting will not constitute reason to re-open subsequently an item decided at the meeting, unless notified as General Business for the next meeting.
  • Only one conversation at a time should take place.
  • Discussion should pertain directly to the item at hand.
  • Committee members should be prepared for discussion on Agenda items, and to report on matters within their remit.
  • Even if a Committee member is unable to attend the meeting in person, an update shall be provided on action items assigned to them, or to which they have contributed, whether in regard to completion, progress, or decisions required of the Committee.
  • Points should be made directly and succinctly, and the Chair shall have the right to call Committee members to order or else to end a discussion.
  • Items shall be decided ‘on the voices’ unless the Chair decides that a vote is in order.
  • Mobile devices should be turned off or to silent.