Registration Fee Refunds Policy

Version: 1.0

Committee Approval:


This document is intended to clarify the extent of refunds of registration fees should a player decide to leave the Club prior to the end of the playing season.

Parents and players should be aware that the Club incurs non-refundable charges for each player registered in PlayHQ (or equivalent) system and for equipping teams at the start of the season.

Note: The nationally-administered Auskick program has its own refund policy, and details are available from the Auskick Coordinator. Refunds to Auskick participants are not governed by this Policy.


If a player is unable to play out the season by error of the Club, then either

  1. A full refund shall be made available, or
  2. Arrangements will be made for the player to play to another Club (by way of either a transfer or permit) and the registration fee applied to playing fees at the other Club.

If a player is unwilling or unable to play out the season for any other reason, then either

  1. A pro-rated refund by number of games less PlayHQ (or equivalent) administration fee shall be made available if the Club is notified prior to Round 5 fixtures, or
  2. Registration fees are foregone if the Club is notified on the date of Round 5 fixtures or later.


In order to be eligible for a refund of registration fee under this Policy, the player shall provide notice in writing to both the Team Manager and the Club Registrar. The Club Registrar shall liaise with the Club Treasurer to arrange reimbursement.