WJFC Winning News: Congrats Fairest & Best Wembley players

the F&B winners were announced last night:

Wembley Junior Football Club had a couple of winners!

  • Congrats to Charlie Cotter Fairest & Best in the year 8 Daniel Rich Comp
  • Congrats to Charlie Duplock Fairest & Best in the year 10 Jake Waterman Comp

Top 10 players as follows:

Year 8 boys

1st Charlie Cotter 

Year 10 boys

1st Charlie Duplock

3rd Tom Clozza

8th Kolby Krakouer


Year 9/10 girls

8th Niahm McGoldrick

10th Mahilia Rukuata

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=651726769093876&extid=kM9Kw6rYoxVyj3qC

In addition to the above, Congratulations to our girls and we wish you all the best for this weekends AFLW Next Generations Academy Match:

Fremantle NGA

Niamh McGoldrick

West Coast Eagles NGA 

Makayla Rogers 

Jorja Schell 


Year 10 Grand Final

This long weekend will see our year 10 team playing in the Grand Final against Marist at Revo Fitness Stadium (Claremont Oval).  The game commences at 9.30am on Monday 28th September.  Please encourage your player group to head down to watch.  It’s such an incredible achievement and we wish the boys and Tracy the best of luck!