WJFC Team Members make the Metro Development Squad

Congratulations to all the Wembley Junior Football Club team members who made the following squads:

2019 North Under 15s Metro Development Squad

Under 15’s

  • Charlotte McDermid
  • Ella Smith
  • Holly Frazer
  • Jorja Schell
  • Makayla Rogers
  • Monique Thom
  • Niamh McGoldrick
  • Ruby Freeman 

2019 North U17’s Metro Development Squad

Under 17’s

  • Charli Ashby
  • Jasmine Lieshout
  • Jorja Elisseou 

Making the squad acknowledges that these young ladies have been given the opportunity to develop skills and game play while exploring their talent to help them find their level. Training is the best place to do this while the games at the end of the program will enable the girls to show their learnings.

Dates of note include:

  • Training continues Mondays as per plan (schedule on Team App)
  • Game 1 Saturday October 5, 2019
  • Game 2 Monday October 7, 2019
  • Game 3 Thursday October 10, 2019
  • Game 4 Sunday October 13, 2019

Players will connect full time to the program as their club season completes, that is; you get knocked out of the finals or have won or lost the grand final in your competition.