Congratulations Jorja Elisseou - Bronze Medal

WA State School Girls 15’s

Congratulations to Jorja Elisseou for bringing home a bronze medal from the WA School Girls 15’s competition in Tasmania!

Here is a report from Jorja on her experience.

"My experience was a once and a life time, I’ve made so many unforgettable memories that I will cherish forever. But none of this would of happened without hard work, courage and dedication. Unfortunately Not everything went smooth sailing I had many ups and some downs but I knew I just had to work harder to get what I wanted, my biggest down on the trip was braking my collarbone and not being able to finish the tournament but with all the support and friendships I made from my coaches and teammates I got through it I did all the stats every game n help the forwards from the side lines on what they could improve on."

"It wasn’t as good as being out there but it was still so amazing knowing I can still be apart of the team, It help me learn more about the game through a different point of view  and learn how my team mates play as individuals. My highlight was defiantly putting on the black and gold jersey playing along side the best of the best and knowing I was one of the best football players in WA for my age was it such and achievement for me and couldn’t be prouder."

"Our first game was hard it was the second time we played together and it wasn’t how we wanted it to go we were winning the whole game up until the last 5 seconds of it and Tasmania got a 50 right in there goal square and beat us by a point it was hard but we all got among each other like a team should. Our second game was by far a lot better we keep to swans footy, the way we wanted to play  and won to New South Whales singing the song felt so good and we definitely deserved it. Our 3rd game and final one for me was even better against Northern Territory  I knew what I had to do our there and as soon I went to wing I hip and shoulder this girl it had a really big impacted and my collarbone cracked I didn’t take much notice I was just focus on winning the ball as she dropped it I got it and kicked it down to our forward line and they got a goal from It, my shoulder was so sore but I had so much Adrenalin I continued to play I came off as the pain got worse and I was so upset but everyone was so supportive which help me feel a lot better."

"That afternoon I went to the hospital and found out it was broke I shared a few tears about the news but I come to realise what had happened and knew I needed to stay strong and be a good team mate to the girls, the next game was versing Victoria the hardest competition yet we had to beat them to make the grand final unfortunately we didn’t but it was one of our best games we had played and we were so proud and were lucky enough to be  the only team to score a goal to them."

"Our final game was Tasmania we had to win this to bring the bronze home and we WON 60-11 to say I was proud was by far an understatement the girls play so amazing that was the final game and very upsetting to say good bye and  it was all done our 4 months of training for hours it the hot heat far travel for some had all paid off this has opened up some amazing opportunities but at the end I wouldn’t of been able to do it with out my dad driving me everyone trial and training and all my family and club supporting me no matter what I deeply thank for just remember never give up on the these you love or be embarrassed every time someone laughed at me for being a girl that playing’s footy pushed me even harder follow your dreams no matter what you will be very surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it."

Western Australian State Girls Football League Song! from Wembley Junior Football Club on Vimeo.