Team App & Game Day App

TeamApp is our main way to communicate weekly game information to everyone with the ability to confirm attendance and find out who has been rostered to perform the many volunteer roles.  Please ensure you have downloaded the app and select your club and team.  Once you have requested access to a team, our secretary, will approve and enable access.  Details on how to do this are here.

For those who have already done this in 2021, please note that TeamApp has recently had to be reset so the links to the 2020 teams have been removed to enable selection of your new team for 2021.  The club has provided access to the managers and coaches automatically but unfortunately during the reset, those who had already requested access this year will need to do so again. 


Game Day App

Game Day App by Sports TG has all the information around stats and scores and can be downloaded from the app store. Please find instructions here